Placencia Sanitation Co Ltd

Keep Di Seen Green


We need your help!

– We ask that all residents who are not already signed up to pay a garbage fee, but are using the service to go ahead and sign up. This small monthly fee goes a long way in keeping our village and parts of the peninsula clean.

– Please pay your bill on time and begin to work towards paying any outstanding balance. When bills go unpaid you are directly affecting the cleanliness and beauty of our village. Take pride in your home by paying your garbage pickup fee every month.

– Use our yard trash service. It only costs $25 per load. It’s the cheapest rate you will find and it is worth every cent to see your property and our entire village nice and clean.

We look forward to community effort, coming together in unity for a cleaner Placencia!


For a more efficient and effective garbage pickup service, Placencia Sanitation Co. is reminding its customers of their responsibilities and obligations:

  1. ALL garbage must ALWAYS be bagged and tied in durable bags, card board boxes must be smashed and tied properly.
  2. Bagged garbage must be available for pickup by 7 a.m. ONLY on pickup days: Mondays and Fridays, South of B.W.S office to the Coop;
    Wednesdays, SPECIAL Restaurant and Business Pickups for Placencia Village;
    Tuesdays and Saturdays, North of B.W.S office;
    Thursday, Yard Trash pickup ($30 per load, $400.00 per truck load) Please sign up at the office.
  3. Bagged garbage must be available for pickup in an EASILY ACCESSIBLE AREA.
  4. Garbage containers/retainers must be well-maintained at all times.

Failure to comply will result in garbage NOT BEING PICKUP and / or a VIOLATION TICKET.